Artist living and working between New York City, rural Missouri, and Los Angeles

Space Between Mountains

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Happy New Year 3A Gallery
January 12 to February 4, 2018
Gallery Hours: by appointment only. Please email.

Wineke Gartz
Kate Harding
Trevor Shimizu
Tracy Dillon Timmins
Antoine Catala / Dan Graham

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The Tool Book Project, 2017, by Sarah G. Sharp

All profits support organizations that need our help, including the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Callen-Lorde, Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Sane Energy Project.

Tool Book, began with an open call and is a compilation of the texts, images and objects that edify, inspire, support and radicalize us in this time of deep uncertainty and resistance. As we learn to exist under unstable conditions we look for signs of sanity and support. Tool Book humbly seeks to be a small part of how we connect with each other in our shocking political moment, and provide a way to raise needed funds to protect our most threatened communities and values.

Taking inspiration from the Whole Earth Catalog and it’s emphasis on “access to tools” that elevate the “power of the individual to conduct his [their] own education, find his [their] own inspiration, shape his [their] own environment, and share his [their] adventure with whoever is interested…” it has been sourced from you, members of a dynamic, creative community. Contributors submitted a wide range of responses, including: A meaningful text. A radicalizing text. An edifying text. A soothing text. A poem. A photo of the cover of an important text. A drawing of a person or thing that supports you, cares for you, inspires you. A photo of a person that motivates you. A design object, idea or quote. Song lyrics. Still from a film. A collage. A work of art. A photo of the view out of your window. Any image, drawing, photo, scan or other representation of a powerful tool.

All profits support organizations that need our help, including the, Black Lives Matter, Callen-Lorde, Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Sane Energy Project. 
*Price includes shipping fee.

Molly Dilworth, Adam Niklewicz, Lila Yomtoob, Elissa Ecker, Carolyn Lambert, Christine Callahan, Daniela Kostova, David Bernard Kagan, Douglas Turner, Ezra Pailer, Franklin Cain-Borgers, Andrea Cote, Henry G. Sanchez, Iris Dostal, Jean-Philippe Dordolo, Jeanette Spicer, Joe Reinsel, Josh M. G. Yates, Meredith Starr, Josh Rios, Kate Harding, Laura F. Gibellini, Laura Thatcher, Lisa Moren, Liz Blum, Margaret Lanzetta, Tamara Johnson, Margot Bird, Marilyn Narota, Megan Michalak, Alkistis Wechsler , Mel Skluzacek, Matthew C. Lange, William Pagano, Nadine Faraj, Sanam Aarabi, Simon Aldridge, Stephen Bradley, Yasmin Rumkowski, Tamas Veszi, Zoe Frederick