Artist living and working between New York City, Missouri, and Los Angeles

Uphill Downhill Conversation, (Sister)


"The Missing Fundamental: Mystery, Intonation and Innuendo"
A conversation with Kate Harding and Nat Castañeda
Saturday, June 24, 2017 2-3pm
(Broadcast only. 3A Gallery will not be open this Saturday. Links shared below)

Broadcast live from a closed 3A Gallery, Kate and Nat will seal themselves in Harding's immersive solo exhibition, Uphill Downhill Conversation, (Sister) for one hour to activate the space of private intersubjective "conversation." This event is viewable by the public by way of watching the two Facebook Live feeds (see below) resulting in a two channel video work.

Castañeda admittedly finds verbal conversational expression irresistible, a compatriot means of understanding and intimacy, while Harding for her overt wordiness at times, finds coded speech lacking the resonance of connection. Gestural language, sound outbursts, harmonics, reading out loud, comedy and theremin exploration contexts may ensue as Kate and Nat explore through this sited field experiment. The structure of their conversation to be revealed at 2pm, Saturday, June 24th. This live video broadcast is made possible by viewing on Facebook Live through Kate Harding and Nat Castañeda's separate feeds for a two-channel performance and is viewable even if viewers do not have a Facebook Profile, through the links below.

Nat Castañeda:

Kate Harding:

To view the conversation today, open two links in two browser windows. One link/window will be my Kate Harding profile page and the other will be The Missing Fundamental's profile page (linked above). Separate your browser windows by clicking and dragging your browser window tab. Place the separated windows side by side to see the both views simultaneously.

For best synced results open these and have them ready at 1:55pm.

If you are viewing on phone, find a collaborator, pull up these pages each on your phone and share an ear phone bud each. 2-3pm, today, June 24th.

This work will become archived as a two channel video and released at a later date. 3A Gallery is closed today and will reopen tomorrow, Sunday, June 25th 2-5pm. Uphill Downhill Conversation, (Sister) continues through July 9th with open hours on Sundays 2-5pm and by appointment. For more inquiries and appointments, please contact

This is the second performative conversation by Kate, the first Omne ignotum pro magnifico, with artist Dana Osburn, took place in a laundromat for the duration of one wash/dry cycle, their voices being heard, and actions viewed from an across the street vista point within Harding's exhibition, Both and All, But None Too Bright in 2014. This will be Kate and Nat's second live broadcast conversation together, having in late 2016 cohosted an episode of Bicoastal Carpool together, Harding's weekly internet radio show on WPIR Pratt Radio.


I am honored and thrilled to announce my solo show, Uphill Downhill Conversation, (Sister) at 3A Gallery. I am showing an installation of new work in the intimate 4th floor Annex.

The exhibition runs June 11th through July 9th. Gallery hours are Sundays, 2-5pm and by appointment.

Uphill Downhill Conversation, (Sister)
June 11 - July 9
Opening reception: Sunday, June 11th3 to 6pm
3A Gallery Annex (4th Floor), 179 Canal Street, New York, NY 10013 (between Elizabeth and Mott Street)

(Please note that the gallery is on the 4th floor of a non-elevator building)

Uphill Downhill conversation, sister, that’s what I’m talking about when I’ve got nothing left to say en’ so much to express. Me and you, we’ve seen some things, and other things, well, we haven’t needed to see it to believe it." 

Harding lives and works between New York, rural Missouri and Los Angeles, and examines the specificity of site and the local to explore concepts of landscape, perception and inter-subjectivity. Seeing her practice as a continuation of purposeful ramblings in the woods that began in early childhood, Harding undertakes engagement with site as a resonant field and collaborator without hierarchy. Structured “field experiments” wherein her body becomes a tool of measure and site of projection are recorded and mined for information, to shape into discreet objects (paintings, diagrams, drawings, projections on/through varied surfaces) and environments. Interdisciplinary in material and approach, Harding’s background in garment design and construction often provides a metaphoric structure to her work, as does science, history, critical philosophy, folklore, and the colloquial phrase.

"Tell you what, you stay here and get the fire started. I’ll go see what I can do about your astigmatism. The stars don’t come out for just anybody and the conversation’s been on autopilot for years."

"It’s more than just you an’ me, guys. You’re eyes glow in the dark when I shine light in ‘em. Kinda creepy funny sense of humor, you’ve got there, and I’m glad for the escort, though you’re feet are so much bigger than mine, I’ve got to wear boots." 

Uphill Downhill Conversation, (Sister) is a deepening within Harding’s work that expands to reveal presences previously supporting from the periphery. Engaging the non-human environment, including mules, birds, hills, water bodies, atmospheric conditions, remains central, while there is an additional erosion of verbal language that seeks to trick the divisive potential of coded speech. With the title’s mention of the traversal of felt terrain; a change in elevation or position, a ways to go and how it may feel in the getting there, or even in the consideration of another there, dialog and a correspondent familial relationship is parenthetically mentioned. 


Concurrently exhibiting in the 3A Gallery (3rd Floor), is Satoru Eguchi – Daymare, Hangout, also opening with a reception at the same time Sunday, June 11th.

3A Gallery is a contemporary art space in Manhattan’s Lower East Side at 179 Canal Street, between Elizabeth and Mott Street. The gallery was founded in 2011 by Mieko Meguro. Since it opened, the gallery has exhibited artists including Dan Graham, Susan Grayson, Josh Thorpe, Wineke Gartz, Aura Rosenberg, Trevor Shimizu, Antoine Catala, Justin Lieberman, Devon Costello, Nancy Haynes, and Jojo Lee, among others. 
Owner/Founder/Director: Mieko Meguro
Executive Producer: Dan Graham