Sycamore. October 30, 2012. 6:17am

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Kate Harding
"Sycamore. October 30, 2012. 6:17am", 2012
Duration: 32 min. 8 sec.

This is the footage from the video camera attached to my head while I climbed a Sycamore tree, synchronized with stationary video in so showing two different perspectives of the same activity. The duration of the video, "Sycamore. October 30, 2012. 6:17am", is the time it took for me to turn on the stationary video camera, climb a large tree in a field, and come back to turn off the camera. It was important for me to create a structure as a loose guide as to what my activity within the site would be, leaving room for the unplanned and situational. My structure was this:

- With a video camera attached to me to show my perspective
- With a video camera positioned on a tripod at a distance to show a long view in its entirety
- With a light source attached to my head illuminating/revealing and limiting my field of vision

...climb the one Sycamore tree in the field, as high as possible and then come back down again.

- This will happen mostly in the dark.

Duration: how long it takes to climb to the top and descend back down and turn off the camera.

Potential difficulties:

- leaves blocking light during warmer seasons
- light not bright enough
- mules knocking over stationary camera or blocking long-shot
- spiders

1st recording will take place October 2012.

As this work is the first work that I have put myself into so directly, it is an important one the progression of my practice. It feels very appropriate to my interests in intersubjectivity and sensuous experience in relation to land(scape). My hope is that as I insert myself, I become a site of projection, in a way like the landscape has been a site of projection throughout cultural and artistic history. In addition to acknowledging a distance between self and the site (in this case a very large Sycamore tree), I seek to activily explore the directly sensual experience of engaging with it. As the existence of the tree completes my intention to engage with it, so does my existence confirm aspects of this tree...though it was there well before me and will remain after I leave. The language of my movements and noises as I climb, could be understood as reflective of the "language" of the tree bark's bite, the gesture of it's branches and the wind's whisper through the it the wind or the leaves that makes the sound?'s them together. In the video you can see my breath much more than you can see me, and this inside and outside mingling is something that interests me in a vital way of language and reciprocity.