Hudson River Study (After Olana for GlenLily)

Hudson River Study (After Olana for GlenLily), 2014
Canvas and rope on wood, ceramic tile, terrain
Dimensions variable

For an outdoor exhibition on the grounds of an historic riverfront home, GlenLily Grounds, this installation takes inspiration from Frederich Edwin Church's painting and landscape practice, and was a different kind of field experiment for me.

Olana is Church's home and grounds in Hudson, NY (completed in 1891) that overlooks the Hudson River view that time and again shows up in Church's paintings. There is an archway that frames this view when you're looking out from a tiled enclosed porch at the house at Olana.  

This tile pattern was recreated near GlenLily Manor, framing the view of the Hudson River.  I'll be draping canvas off the frame to match the arch shape from Olana and indicating the surrounding landscape. This material treatment also references the way Church's "Great Pictures" where shown by way of pulling back a curtain for ticket holders.

The opportunity to make this work outside in public and feel the terrain activated it, and became a performace of sorts. 

(Photographs: Natalie Castañeda)